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CM VPN for Windows PC is one of the secure and free VPnThe most common form of insecurity we suffer from at present is insecurity in online activities. We can take the help of the administration for physical security, but there is no such opportunity in online activities. We have to remedy this insecurity online. The best remedy is to use a VPN. In addition to online security, a VPN provides the user with many more services.
One such VPN is CM VPN for PC, which provides many more services to its users besides online security. Today we will provide you detailed information and guidelines in this article about CM Security Open VPN Apk for PC.

What is CM VPN for Windows

CM VPN for Windows

Our daily online privacy is a very important issue. For this we online users use different VPNs. Many cannot afford to use Express VPN, Nord VPN or other expensive VPN. CM VPN for Windows PC is for free service with similar protection.
You can use CM VPN on your smartphone and PC without any hassle and worry. This VPN is one of the apps developed by Cheetah mobile. Like many other free apps, it has ads. In addition, you can enjoy almost all the benefits of a paid VPN.
And this free VPN has been developed for Android and iOS devices. But if you want to use this VPN on your Windows or Mac PC then this article is for you.

What is CM VPN Apk

This VPN was previously available in the Play Store but is not currently available. Even then, if you want to use it, you need to install the APK file. APK files are developed for Android devices. Some useful apps on Android are already preinstalled on your device, and later you can install other apps from the Play Store. But if you want to download and install apps on your device from any other source then you have to manually download and install.
Similarly, if you do not get CM VPN in Playstore then you need to download and install CM VPN APK file from another source. However, you need to be sure about the fidelity of the source from which you will download. Because many times there is malware in APK files.

Basic Information

  • Price: Free
  • Size: 5.3MB
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Cheetah Mobile

Features of CM Security Open VPN

Unblock Restriction

You cannot access all types of content without a VPN. Due to the different types of restrictions, you will not be able to access much of the content you need. You need to use a server in a specific country to access Geo-Restricted Content. Schools do not have access to the site. The government restricted several sites.

CM Security Open VPN is available to unblock all these restrictions. You can easily access restricted sites or content using CM VPN.

Privacy Protection

In addition to blocking restricted content, it also protects your privacy. Your online privacy is protected when you use public Wi-Fi hotspots. Third parties or hackers can hack your confidential data. If you have a CM VPN connected to your device, you can safely use public Wi-Fi hotspots. It encrypts data using UDP or TCP protocols for data protection.

Unlimited bandwidth

Although it is a free VPN, it gives you unlimited bandwidth. In addition to Europe, America and Asia, it also has servers in different parts of the country. You can connect this VPN to your device with just one click.

How to Download CM VPN for Windows PC

CM VPN has been developed for Android and iOS devices. So you need to use an emulator to use VPNT on Windows PC. Follow the steps below to download and install CM VPN on Windows.

  • Download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  • Then, open the emulator.
  • Open Playstore. (Provide email ID and password if required.)
  • Search by typing CM VPN.
  • Open the CM VPN page and click the install button.

How to Download CM Security Open VPN on Mac

The Bluestacks Android emulator supports Windows as well as Mac PC. You can download and install Bluestacks or any other emulator.

  • When the installation is complete, open the emulator.
  • Provide email and password.
  • Open the App Store.
  • Search by typing CM VPA in the search box.
  • Then, select CM VPN.
  • Click the “Gate” button.

Once the installation is complete, a VPN icon will appear on the PC screen. Clicking on the icon will open the VPN automatically after the emulator is launched.

How to Download CM Security Open VPN Apk File on Windows PC

You will find many sites for apk files. But the best apk site for me is I would suggest you download the CM APK file from this site. You already know that you need to use an Android emulator to use APK file on PC. However, follow the steps below to download and install the CM Security Open VPN Apk File.

  • First, you download the APK file from a trusted site.
  • Then, open the Bluestacks Emulator and click on the Personalize menu.
  • Then select Install apk option.
  • The download folder of your PC will open. Navigate to the folder in which CM downloaded the VPN APK file. Now select the file of CM VPN APK and click on Open button.
  • Automatic download will start. Once the download is complete, the CM VPN icon can be seen on the screen of the emulator as well as on the home screen of the PC.

How to Use CM Security Open VPN on Windows

  • To use CM VPN, first, open your emulator and then open CM VPN.
  • Agree with their policy and click the “Accept and Continue” button.
  • Click GET STARTED button.
  • Select CM VPN. Slide right to enable VPN.

Similar VPN to CM Security Open VPN

Below are 4 free VPNs that you can use as an alternative to CM VPN.

Hexatech VPN

Ultra VPN: Proxy
Ultra VPN: Proxy
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

To know how to download and use, read: Hexatech VPN for PC

Psiphon VPN

Psiphon Pro
Psiphon Pro
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Developer: Psiphon Inc
Price: Free+

To know how to download and use, read: Psiphon VPN for PC

VPN Master

VPN Master - Hotspot VPN Proxy
VPN Master - Hotspot VPN Proxy
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

To know how to download and use, read: VPN Master for PC

VPN Korea

VPN Korea - fast Korean VPN
VPN Korea - fast Korean VPN
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

To know how to download and use, read: VPN Korea For PC

FAQs About Security Open CM VPN for PC

What is Android Emulator?

Simply put, Android Emulator is a tool that allows you to use apps designed for Android on your PC. You can use this tool on your PC just like Android.

Is CM Security VPN safe?

The truth is that no VPN is 100% safe for you. You can’t blame all VPNs for this. Because VPN is forced to hand over your information when a country issue comes up. You should also get an idea of ​​their privacy policy before using any VPN. However, as a free VPN, CM VPN does its utmost for the safety of its users.

When should a VPN be used?

You should not always use VPN as a VPN user. It is best to use a VPN when you need online privacy. VPN affects the energy of your device and slows down the internet speed. You will also not be able to access many important sites due to the use of VPN.


By reading this article you can now easily download and use CM VPN for Windows PC. If you can’t or don’t want to use this VPN on your PC, you can try the free VPNs mentioned above.

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