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ZEDGE App for PC gives us great background wallpapers and ringtones. ZEDGE for pc is a free app that can be downloaded directly to the smartphone. We want to use wallpapers, alarm sounds or ringtones on our smartphones that are most popular to everyone. But can’t be downloaded directly to the PC, you need to use an emulator to download. However, you can download numerous wallpapers and ringtones for free from their own site. In this article, I will show you how to download ZEDGE for Windows.

What Is ZEDGE for PC

ZEDGE App for PC is one of the best apps for downloading wallpapers and ringtones. It’s available on Android, iOS and Windows. It is a community-based tool where you can download and upload wallpapers and ringtones. Because of its use of tag-based search algorithms, it does not provide unnecessary photos when searching by typing a word or words. It will provide the content you are looking for. ZEDGE for PC has monthly and annual subscription plans. It has great features.

Features of ZEDGE App for PC


You don’t have to go anywhere for wallpaper. Here you will find numerous wallpapers of your choice. You will find HD wallpapers and 4K wallpapers for use in the background of Android, PC or laptop. There are also lock screen and home screen wallpapers. You can use both at the same time if you want.

Live Wallpaper:

Provides video effects backgrounds on home screens that support your device. Which has no effect on your device’s battery charge. Once installed, it is no longer necessary to install. You have a huge catalog of live wallpapers of your choice.


Here you will find unlimited ringtones, including music of famous songs, various sound effects and fun ringtones. I think this app is one of the largest ringtones stores in the world. You can work on different contact ringtones, alarm ringtones and more. Set attractive ringtones for your family member or people nearby.


Here are stickers that you can add to your favorite wallpapers to create your own background. You can also share on social media.

Save Favorites:

Add wallpapers and ringtones to favorites without downloading. You will find many wallpapers and ringtones for different days or anniversaries. Such as New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc.

Upload Content:

You can upload any images, ringtones or stickers you have created. You can use your Google account, Facebook or email account to upload.

Basic Information

  • Last updated: April 9, 2020
  • Price: Freemium
  • Size: Varies with Devices
  • Category: Personalization
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
  • Developer: Zedge

How to Download on Android

ZEDGE™ Töne Hintergründbilder
ZEDGE™ Töne Hintergründbilder
  • Launch Playstore on your Android device.
  • Then type “ZEDGE” to search and install it.
  • Experience all of the cool wallpapers on your device’s screen now.

How to Download on iOS

‎ZEDGE™ Wallpapers
‎ZEDGE™ Wallpapers
Developer: ZEDGE
Price: Free+
  • Launch Playstore on your iOS.
  • Search for “ZEDGE”.
  • Install and enjoy it.
ZEDGE App for PC

How to Download on PC(mac OS & Windows)

This is an Android-based app. You can install the app directly on your Android device but you will not be able to download it directly to your PC. To use you need an Android emulator to download to PC. You can use the bluestacks emulator.

  • After downloading the bluestacks emulator, launch the App store or Play store on the screen.
  • Then type “ZEDGE” to search and install it.

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However, we love using different but interesting content from others. So, we will give you an idea about 4 apps like ZEDGE App for PC. From which you can find various wallpapers, ringtones and more.


Wallcraft – hintergrundbilder
Wallcraft – hintergrundbilder

You can use the WallpaperCraft app as an alternative to ZEDGE for wallpapers and backgrounds. This app will be provided with wallpapers suitable for your device’s screen size. Its wallpapers come in high quality and good resolution (Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K) that support any device with a large screened device. All the wallpapers in the application have to be cropped manually. So that you can select the desired wallpaper for your device. Here you will always get real size wallpapers.

Every hour you will find new wallpapers. You can use the application by saving battery power and internet traffic while keeping the wallpaper quality intact.

HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)

HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)
HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Android Station provides great HD wallpapers for Android users, so you can make your device’s screen look attractive. Tilt your device to get masterpieces from Android Station. The app provides you with daily HD wallpaper updates for free. Its user interface is absolutely simple, for anyone to experience it. You can easily explore and download wallpapers from HD Wallpaper Gallery. You can download very quickly because its interface is light. There are thousands of tags for users to search your favorite wallpapers from thousands of tags, including different seasons, animals, birds, children, cities, fashion, flowers.

You will find updates on its Facebook and Instagram pages. This allows you to share your photographs with people around the world.

4K Wallpapers – Full HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

INITLogic Software Solutions provides 4K HD background wallpapers to meet the needs of Android users. Their store is very rich where you can use the best and creative wallpapers for your device. Wallpapers are designed to be perfect for all Android devices. Its wallpapers are updated daily from where you can get new experiences. You can always change the wallpaper of your device automatically using Auto Wallpaper Changer. Then select the time frequency if you want to change the wallpapers automatically.

You can decorate the home screen and lock screen at the same time using a separate wallpaper. Share wallpapers with friends on various social media platforms.

Offline HD Wallpapers

Offline HD Wallpapers
Offline HD Wallpapers
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Offline HD Wallpapers is a free application, with a large collection of HD wallpapers and screen backgrounds. Turn your device’s home screen into a new style by downloading HD wallpapers. Wallpapers for different categories (including landscapes, high buildings, flowers and more) are available here. Supports any phone screen. Its visual designs are superb. Wallpapers are loading fast and you can use the app offline without the internet. Wallpapers meet the needs of the lock screen or home screen.

You can share via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email and others. You can download the wallpapers on your device’s SD card from this free app.

FAQs about ZEDGE for PC

How do I set a ringtone in my contacts?

  • First you open contacts.
  • Now click on the contact you want to set the ringtone for.
  • Then click on the menu icon above.
  • Click “Set ringtone”.
  • Then select the ringtone you want to set from the folder.
  • After selecting it, click Save.

How do I set a notification ringtone on my Android device?

  • Go to Settings first.
  • Click on the “Sound” section. Other names may be based on your device.
  • Then click “Default notification sound”.
  •  Select the custom notification sound from the Notifications folder.
  • Click Save at the end.
  • You can see the ringtone name below the sound section if set correctly.

How to set a ringtone with the Zedge app?

  • Click “Set” on the screen of the ringtone you want to set.
  • Then click “Set ringtone”.
  • Click “Allow” to allow downloads to your device’s storage.
  • Then click “Settings” to grant permissions to modify the settings system.
  • Click the “Allow modify system settings” button.
  • Then click “Back”.


ZEDGE for PC constantly adds new wallpapers, ringtones and stickers to users’ needs. I think ZEDGE App for PC is sufficient to meet your deployment needs. However, if you want to experience another app, you can try the above alternatives.

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